How to get a rounded lip on a mug

How to get a rounded lip on a mug

When hand-building mugs, there can be a tendency that the edge or the lip / rim of a mug can be hard, slightly sharp or pointed, making it not such a pleasant experience to drink from. Once you have finished building the mug, the last step should be perfecting the lip.

We have a remedy for the problem. Read below!

To do this you should moisten your fingers with water and lightly add water to the whole top edge of the mug. Take care not to use too much water. For best results, the mug should be placed on a banding wheel. 

Once the top of the mug is slightly moistened, add a little more water to your fingers and then gently squeeze the lip of the mug between your thumb and first two fingers, whilst turning the banding wheel. Keep gently squeezing the rim and turning the wheel, until you have reached a nice softly rounded lip. 

 For the final step, you could moisten a natural sponge (taking care the water is squeezed out) and run the last couple of turns between the sponge. 

Let us know if you like this and find this useful. 

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