About Us

Kleistone Studio is run by a small two-women team. We have been dreaming of opening our own ceramic studio for years and are so excited to get to know you!

Kleistone Studio is a hand-building studio: we focus on teaching traditional techniques that teach us to be patient and let go of expectations. We are proud to be running a business that is fair and equitable to its staff: we pay our teachers a sustainable wage above what most studios pay. For this to work, we need to run our business precisely like a business, which why our cancellation policies are strict.

Kate Smallshaw

Originally from the south of the UK, Kate now makes hand built ceramics in Berlin under her own label PINCH&COIL.

Her work is centered around experimenting with traditional hand building & mark-making techniques, creating one-off or very small run collections.

All her pieces are made in a hands-on way, from building the form, to applying the decoration. Each piece is completely unique and made to be treasured.

Elisabetta Lombardo

Elisabetta discovered clay while looking for a way to destress from her work in technology. After leaving the tech industry, she now makes functional ceramics using hand-building techniques.

Her pieces express rustic luxury and are released in small batch collections. She teaches classes and also runs her label Mesh & Cloth.