Firing Service

  • Firing temperatures:

    - Bisque: 960C

    - Glazing Fire: 1240C (cone 7)


    - 5€ / kg for bisque fire

    - 8€/ kg for glaze fire

    - Full kiln (100l): 80€ (please get in touch in advance if you wish to hire a full kiln)

    No need to book an appointment. Just come by during our opening times.

    We require a minimum of 5 €

    Turnaround time is roughly 3 weeks

    We do not take responsibility for damages to your pieces that may occur in the firing

In order to ensure a smooth process, please follow the instructions below:

- Make sure your pieces are completely dry before you bring them in for a bisque fire

- Mark your pieces (either by carving or stamping your name)

- For a glaze fire, make sure your bottoms are completely clear of glaze. You will be responsible for damages to kiln shelves.

- We do not bisque-fire pieces that are thicker than 2cm and not hollow.

- We require proof that the clay and glaze are compatible with our firing temperatures (1240C).

- Download and fill out the form below before you drop off your pieces and bring it with you to the studio.

Download form

If you plan on firing a lot and want to buy in bulk, we also offer firing credits. They will be deducted every time you come in for a firing. You do not have to purchase credits: you can always pay each time :)