Classes and cancellation policies

I booked a class and want to cancel because I can't make it.

Our classes are non-refundable. You can rebook a class if you give us notice at least 7 days before the event. This means that you will be issued a voucher that you can use to book a future class. 

If you let us know less than 7 days before the class starts, you will not be able to rebook the class.

But something serious happened 2 days before the class and I could not have known before!

We understand and are sorry but we cannot make exceptions. We often go out of our way to be accommodating and we truly want to make everyone happy but we need to have policies to allow us to stay in business.

If we allowed for last minute cancellations we would have to significantly increase our prices to account for the risk, thus making our classes inaccessible to a lot of people. While we have waiting lists for our classes, it is very difficult to find replacements less than a week before the event (believe us, we've tried!).

Are classes transferable?

Yes. You are welcome to transfer it to a friend if you can't make it. The policies above would still apply. 

Can I book a class for a child?

Our studio is for adults. We allow for children from the age of 14 if accompanied by an adult. Both would need to book a spot separately. 

What happens if a Covid-19 related policy changes (for instance I need a negative test)?

You are responsible to comply to the rules as they change. We will not issue a voucher in this case (unless you tell us at least 7 days before the class). 


Our membership policies are listed here.

Firing service

Do I need to make a booking to bring my pieces to fire?

No, just make sure you come during our opening times and bring the kiln firing sheet with you.

I don't remember what clay and/or glaze I used. Can I still bring my pieces?

No. If you have no way of proving that your clay and glaze fit our temperatures, we will not fire your pieces. No exceptions. It is simply too high a risk for us. This also applies for engobes or any surface decoration material you have used. 

I have glazed my pieces with a low temperature glaze. Can you fire at lower temperature for me?

The only way we would fire at a different temperature is if you bring enough work to fill an entire kiln. Otherwise we do not glaze fire at any temperature other than 1240C.

Open studio

Can I just drop in whenever I want to use your space?

Kleistone Studio is a members ceramic studio. We have specific time slots dedicated to open studio and you will have to book a slot. Open studio hours are open only to those who have taken a class with us. 

If you are a member and would like to come by with a non-member friend, just let us know in advance. 

I want to come during open studio to glaze but I have never used glaze before. Can you help me when I am there?

Open studio times are meant to be for independent work so we will not be doing any teaching.

Glazing services

I have pieces that I made using clay I bought elsewhere. Can you glaze them for me?

No. We only offer this service if you have bought a clay kit from us.