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Kleistone Studio Engobe Set

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A set of 4 beautiful engobes made in house based on our own recipes, featuring our earthy tones, together with fancy tools to help you decorate, carve and inlay your ceramic pieces.

The kit contains:

  1. 125ml Kleistone White Engobe
  2. 125ml Olive Engobe
  3. 125ml Seashell Engobe
  4. 125ml Cobalt blue Engobe
  5. 2 Paintbrushes
  6. Texturising comb tool
  7. Metal carving tool

Engobes are perfect for painting on leather hard greenware. Glaze transparent after bisquing.

Please note, the unfired engobe colours are not correspondent to the final end colour result. The colours change in the heat of the glaze firing. 

Our engobes are designed for mid-range firing, from 1220C to 1260C.