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Kleistone Studio Clay Kit

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€44,00 EUR

For the home potters out there, the Kleistone Clay Kit is here!

The home pottery kit contains speckled clay and tools to make beautiful ceramics. Once dry, you can bring it to our studio, pick among our beautiful studio glazes (see photo: white, transparent, blue, peppermint or creme) and we will fire it twice and glaze it for you.

Firing costs are not included in the price and will be calculated once you bring the pieces to us for firing. We charge 5 € / kg for bisque and 8€/kg for glaze fire. 

Please fill out and bring the clay kit drop-off sheet you will find in the kit when you come to the studio. Make sure you specify the color of the glaze you would like. 


  • 2 kg speckled white clay (the speckles are only visible once the clay is fired a second time)
  • A sponge
  • 2 wooden modelling tools 
  • A clay wire cutter
  • A metal clay cutter tool
  • A metal rib
  • Drop-off sheet

The kit can also be picked up at our studio within opening times, once you have received confirmation that the kit is ready for pickup. 

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